Executive coaching

Executive coaching accompanies the strategic decision makers, executives and business managers to increase their efficiency and their skills, develop their leadership style and their ability to support the development of their strategic thoughts and managements to achieve their goals of growth and profitability more quickly and efficiently. Executive coaching is often done in a tripartite relationship involving the coach, an executive officer (the coachee) and a business.


Coaching of entrepreneurs, business transfer and succession

According to recent studies, SMEs account for over 94% of businesses in Québec and contribute to 50% of GDP. 90% of them are family. Over 60% of SMEs do not have a succession plan and 70% of entrepreneurs plan to retire in 10 years, with 40% planning to close their business for lack of succession. Missing more than 20,000 take over businesses in Quebec. In this context, the entrepreneur coaching becomes important.

The entrepreneur coaching is individual guidance which targets early-stage entrepreneurs, growth, position transfer and succession or sale of company to help them think, decide, act, evaluate and manage priorities at the organizational level, both in business and in their family. The coach works to reduce the gap between the vision of the owner and the succession or the buyer. The coach help improve family communication and accompanies the owner and the family in the business planning transition process and helps to clarify situations to insure continuity and secure legacy.