Strategic Vision

Our 35 years of experience in both public and private companies , allows us to  advice our clients and help them  to achieve faster their growth and profitability goals.

We work with our client in the implementation of their vision and strategy and make a strategy shared by all. We help establish a realistic vision for future and set overall objectives. Furthermore, our experience and network of contacts internationnally allow us to accompany and support our customers in search of new markets.

  • Analysis of the present strategy, your position, your market and your competitors
  • Strategic, master plan and design guidelines
  • Identification of the financial impacts and  benefits expected
  • Execution and support in the implementation of of the strategic plan
  • Communication plan and employee consolidation


Funding, merger and acquisitions

We work with our clients from SMB to accelerate the pace of growth and improve their financial perspectives whether through targeted acquisitions, financing research or strategic partnership.

  • Strategic alignment
  • Identification of goals and added values
  • Preparation of the post-merger integration
  • Optimising operational synergies from the merger or acquisition
  • Identification of financial partners and funding source


Governance and Board of Directors

Our experiences and role on several corporate boards private and traded allow us to support our customer through in the implementation of best governance practises and internal politics, relationship with the Board of Directors and the institutional shareholders.

  • Curent status and diagnostic
  • Risk management and whistleblowing
  • Role of the Board of Directors and its committee
  • Communication with the employees, the investors and the clients
  • Respect of the environment and substainable development